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EVEX 910e roundabout: information, dates, prices, market launch

Kreisel - Peter Scherb
Gyroscope EVEX 910e
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V or almost 50 years ago, Porsche entered with the 910 Le Mans on. Now the electromobility specialist Kreisel has converted a replica of the sports car into an electric racer.

Kreisel sports car with a range of 350 km

EVEX Fahrzeugbau GmbH, which produces the Porsche, provides the basis for the new old electric racing car 910 in the 1970s. However, at that time only 4 copies were made with street approval. With Kreisel's commitment, the EVEX 910 is back on track. Propulsion is provided by two electric motors with a total of 360 kW (490 PS) and 770 Nm, which accelerate the EVEX 910e gyro, which weighs just 1,100 kg, from zero to 100 km /h in 2.5 seconds and enable a top speed of over 300 km /h. To enable breathtaking acceleration and maximum speed, Kreisel developed an automated 2-speed gearbox. A limited slip differential is also used. The gyro stores the energy in a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 53 kWh. This should enable a realistic range of 350 kilometers.

In order to accommodate the battery system together with the drive train in the rear, the frame of the original vehicle was slightly modified. In addition, Kreisel developed a new cooling system for the high-performance drive, which replaces the previous air cooling.

The storage system can be charged quickly with up to 100 kilowatts and even enables intelligent energy management in conjunction with the photovoltaic system of a single-family house.

The EVEX 910e gyro is legal on the road due to its age and an H license plate. Before the first exit, however, the builders have set the purchase price hurdle of one million euros. In addition, the 910e, which has a removable Targa roof, will only be built in very limited numbers.

EVEX is building the Porsche 910

EVEX has 2016 with the SILAG Group as the new owner revive the sales of the EVEX 910. The result was a variant with a 3.2 liter internal combustion engine with an output of 320 hp and an empty weight of just 800 kilograms. The EVEX variant has - in contrast to the original Porsche, which was used exclusively for races, a street legal with H-plate.


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