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Evaluation by Verivox: This is what the typical golf driver looks like

Evaluation of Verivox
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S eit For 45 years, the VW Golf has been Germany's most popular car. And so dominant that it not only gave its name to an entire vehicle class, but also to a group of citizens. The golf generation made the step from adolescent to adult in the 1980s, so they are around mid-40s to mid-50s today. But is that also the population group that still predominantly drives golf today?

The Golf generation is more likely to drive different cars these days

Verivox helps to answer this question. For this purpose, the comparison portal evaluated the motor vehicle insurance contracts concluded over the past 24 months for mainly privately used cars and determined the typical Golf driver based on the data. And found out that the Golf generation doesn't play golf very often these days. The two age groups 30 to 49 years and 50 to 69 years are represented rather below average, which is even more true for women than for men.

Older men drive young wolves - and young women drive different cars, the statistics say.

Whereby you have to differentiate between age and gender - which Verivox has also done. Which leads to the realization that the younger their car, the older the Golf drivers are. In the case of Golf models that are no more than four years old, men over 70 are by far the largest group - and women under 29 are the smallest. If the car is older, on the other hand, it is suddenly the male under-29s who drive golf most often. And suddenly the model is about as common among women as it is among men. In the case of newer models, the difference is significantly greater, since, according to Verivox, women are more likely to buy small cars when buying young cars '>

Young men, on the other hand, drive old Gölfe - but the 30 to 69 year olds represent by far the largest group of customers.

The answer to the question of which federal state has an above-average number of golfers is hardly surprising. Sure, it is the VW home country Lower Saxony with the large locations Wolfsburg and Emden (index 129). This means that compared to the proportion of all motorists, golf is driven 29 percent more often. Since Saarland, which is at the bottom of the list, only has an index of 71, it is 29 percent less than the average. Hamburg defines this with an exact 100 index. The bestseller is also particularly popular in Baden-Württemberg and Hesse, while the people of Brandenburg and Rhineland-Palatinate tend to ignore it.

Otherwise, golf drivers seem to be quite prudent road users. The proportion of points offenders is slightly below average (index 97), as is the annual mileage (11,641 instead of 11,869 kilometers). In addition, drivers of a Golf up to four years old cause significantly less liability damage than drivers of other models (index 86). For drivers of older Golf models, the statistics are slightly above the average (index 105) - of course, there are also more young people behind the wheel here.

Since 1991 an average earner has never been able to develop a basic golf course faster than at present.

Finally, Verivox has the entry-level prices for the Golf generations from Golf III insSet in relation to wage developments. With the result that average earners only have to work 1,082 hours today in order to be able to afford a basic Golf 8, which should be available for less than 20,000 euros. The number six Golf was relatively the most expensive: when it appeared in October 2008, average earners had to work 1,205 hours for the basic version, which cost 16,500 euros. The reason is the sharp rise in wages over the past 28 years. While the net hourly wage in the Golf III debut year 1991 (the Federal Statistical Office has only been showing these figures since this year) was the equivalent of 9.41 euros (18.40 D-Marks), it is currently 18.48 euros /p>


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