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EuroNCAP crash test: Land wind fails, eleven fully score

EuroNCAP crash test
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The best in class with five stars are the Audi A1, Citro├źn C4, Ford C-Max, Ford Grand C-Max, Hyundai ix35 , Kia Sportage, Kia Venga, Mini Countryman, Opel Meriva, V W Passat and VW Sharan.

Landwind CV9 only with two stars even after the second crash test

But back to the crash test loses. The Landwind CV9 is currently not available on the European market, but orders have been placed for the SUV according to European specifications. Landwind had already presented another model for crash tests some time ago and achieved a catastrophic result with two stars. In the current test with the new model, the result was no better.

In a frontal impact, the protection of the upper body and the lower extremities is below average. The load on the upper body in a side impact is high. During the frontal crash, three of the four doors opened. According to the testers, the passenger cell was at the limit of its capacity during the test; at a higher speed it would have collapsed. The steering column in particular caused severe injuries in the dummy 's foot area during the test. Since the Landwind CV9 does not have head airbags, the pole test was not completed. Landwind did not provide compliant seats for the rear impact test, which simulates the risk of whiplash. The seats from the crashed vehicle were unusable for this individual test.

Landwind CV9 with deficit in child protection

In terms of child safety, the head movement of the three-year-old dummy exceeded the set limits in a frontal impact. In addition, the front airbag cannot be switched off in order to install a rear-facing child seat. Furthermore, the Landwind CV9 only received 2 points for safety equipment (29 percent of the achievable points), as neither ESP nor a speed assistant are on board. Only the seat belt reminder contributed two points.

Nissan Micra was the best among the 4-star models in the EuroNCAP crash test

The following three models also scored poorly in the EuroNCAP crash test from. The Nissan Micra pulled out of the affair as the best. In the areas of occupant protection, child protection and pedestrian protection, the small car fulfilled the required number of points for a five-star rating. In theHowever, the model lacks the speed assistant. With the VW Amarok prevented - although with occupant protection better than the Nissan Micra - the slight deficit in child protection and the lack of speed assistant the five-star rating. The Jaguar XF is below the requirements for a top rating for occupant protection and child protection. In terms of pedestrian protection, too, the sedan is only slightly above the five-star requirements - the rating of the safety equipment is on the level of the Ford C-Max or VW Passat.

The Kia Sportage delivered the most balanced result in the EuroNCAP

Among the best models in the crash test are the Ford Grand C-Max and the VW Passat for occupant protection. Both cars achieved 96 percent of the maximum number of points in this area. The Kia Sportage got the most balanced result , which achieved 93 percent of the maximum number of points for occupant protection, 86 percent for child protection and 86 percent for safety equipment. You can find the detailed results in our slideshow.


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