EU registrations September 2021

The downward trend from July and August continues in September. New passenger car registrations in Europe fell by 23.1 percent compared to 2020.

The decline in new car registrations continues. In September 2021, only 718,598 new cars were put on the market across Europe - fewer than at any time since September 1995. Compared to the previous year, the slump is a whopping 23.1 percent. Accordingly, the volume markets in Europe also showed modest figures in September.

GB is the largest market

France reports 133,830 new registrations and a minus of 20.5 percent. In Germany, 196,972 new registrations were noted, here the slump is 25.7 percent. Italy went down by a whopping 32.7 percent. Only 105,175 new passenger car registrations were counted here. Spain reports only 15.7 percent fewer registrations, but only 59,614 in total. As the largest European market in September, Great Britain lost 34.4 percent, but still achieved 215,312 new registrations.

Thanks to the strong numbers from March to July, the annual balance so far is still slightly above that of the previous year. A total of 7,526,613 new cars were brought onto the market in the EU in the first three quarters. The year-on-year increase is 6.6 percent. Ex-EU member Great Britain registered 1,316,614 new passenger cars, an increase of 5.9 percent.

And more VW

Even in a significantly shrinking market, the Volkswagen Group remains the market leader in the EU in September. The market share is 21.7 percent. However, the Stellantis Group is closing in with 20.6 percent. The strongest individual brand remains VW with a market share of 9.9 percent. Second force in Europe is Renault with 7.3 percent. Equal with 5.7 percent in third place are Peugeot and Toyota. They are followed by BMW (5.4%), Hyundai and Kia, each with 5.3 percent. With a market share of 4.6 percent, Dacia is ahead of Mercedes (4.4%) and Ford (4.3%). Opel moves on par with Skoda and Fiat - all three come to 4.2 percent. This is followed by Citro├źn (4.0%), Audi (3.8%) and Seat (3.3%).,


The European car market is in a dramatic decline for the third month in a row. The annual balance is still above the previous year. Whether the cushion from the summer is enough remains to be seen.


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