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EU new registrations January 2016: 6.2% increase

New EU registrations January 2016
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D he January result means not only a successful start to the year, but also a positive result for the 29th month in a row, as the European automobile manufacturers association ACEA announced on Tuesday (February 16, 2016).

Among the major European markets Italy and Spain in particular achieved significant gains. The Italians bought 155,157 new cars (+ 17.4%), in Spain 76,395 new cars (+ 12.1%) were brought onto the market in January. Germany recorded a plus of 3.3% with 218,365 new registrations, France reports 138,400 new registrations (+ 3.9%), Great Britain has 169,678 new registrations and an increase of 2.9%.

VW is losing ground

In the growing European market, the VW Group remains the market leader with a market share of 24.2%, but is losing slightly Dominance. The same trend can also be seen for the VW brand, which remains the strongest single brand with a share of 11.7%, but has noticeably lost compared to the previous year. Ford managed to grow and secured second place with a market share of 7.1%. Opel is also improving and takes third place with 6.7%. This is followed by Renault (6.2%) and Peugeot (6.1%). Audi has a market share of 5.7% and is clearly ahead of Mercedes (5.1%) and BMW (4.9%). Fiat ranks in between with 5.0%.

On the other places are Toyota (4.4%), Skoda (4.2%), Citro├źn (4.0%) - with the Subsidiary brand DS is shown separately for the first time with a share of 0.5% -, Nissan (3.9%), Hyundai (3.3%), Dacia (2.9%), Kia (2.7%) and Seat ( 2.1%).


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