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EU new car sales: The VW Golf loses top spot

EU new car sales
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N after an analysis by the market observers from Jato Dynamics, the VW Golf had 46,800 sales across Europe in March. The Ford Fiesta, on the other hand, had 47,300 sales. The VW Polo is in third place with 40,700 units sold.

The success of the Fiesta is based on a whopping 1.8% growth for the small Ford in conjunction with a whopping minus for the VW Golf which slumped 16.9%. The Polo was able to gain a strong 21.7%.

The Ford Fiesta has in March the Golf left behind in terms of sales.

Model change and diesel gate put the brakes on Golf

That has been the case for the past 34 years VW Golf 29 times the best-selling car in Europe. Now the Wolfsburg is behind the Fiesta for the first time since March 2010.

Jato gives several reasons for this change of power. On the one hand, there is the model change in the Golf, whose facelift version is not yet available in all markets, and on the other hand, the Golf seems to be more affected than other models by the current diesel discussion. According to Jato, 46.7% of the Golf were delivered with a diesel engine in the first quarter of 2017, the decrease compared to the previous year at 15.1%. The slump is only 4.9% in the entire segment. According to Jato's analysis, the increase in the Fiesta is largely due to sales-promoting measures by Ford. The new Ford Fiesta will only go on sale in July.

In our photo show we show you the most popular cars in Germany in March 2017.


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