EU calls for effective emissions tests

EU calls for effective emissions tests
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D he new test procedure for emissions in real driving operation (Real Driving Emission - RDE) has already been developed and was decided in May 2015 and by representatives of the member states. The final tests are currently in progress in the laboratory. It is to be introduced gradually from 2016.

The sticking point are deviations from laboratory values ​​to real values ​​

No agreement yet In the member states, however, the rule is what to do if the laboratory values ​​and the values ​​determined in practical driving differ significantly from one another. The EU Commission is counting on the support of the member states for a quick agreement so that the results of the measurements of air pollutant emissions used when the type approval is granted correspond to the emissions in real driving and cannot be falsified by deception maneuvers.

The The Commission also calls on all Member States to ensure that EU emission standards are strictly adhered to. To this end, the national authorities on the ground should investigate and communicate the results to the Commission.


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