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EU approvals: 2009 is just below the previous year

EU approvals
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G e compared to 2007, however, the minus is 9.5 percent . The slight decrease is due to a full year-end spurt in new registrations, based on numerous national subsidy programs. The number of new registrations in December 2009 was 1,074,438 a whopping 16 percent above the same month last year.

December brings France an increase of almost 50 percent

At the end of the year, however, the German market had to cope with 215,564 new registrations, a decline of 4.6 percent. France has grown to the limit. 228,392 new registrations mean an increase of 48.6 percent in December. At 38.9 percent, there was also a double-digit increase in Great Britain with 150,936 cars brought onto the market for the first time. The high-volume markets of Spain and Italy also saw growth. 165,428 new registrations ensured an increase of 16.7 percent south of the Alps. The badly shaken market in Spain increased by 25.1 percent to 90,553 new registrations.

On the other hand, the markets of the new Eastern European EU countries continued to decline. The ACEA shows a minus of 16.5 percent for December.

German market asserts itself as the strongest market

The winner over the course of the year was the German market with 3,807,175 new registrations and an increase of 23.2 percent. France also closed the year 2009 positively with 2,268,671 new registrations and an increase of 10.7 percent. Austria (plus 8.8 percent) and the Czech Republic (plus 12.5 percent) also saw significant growth. Italy (minus 0.2 percent), Spain (minus 17.9 percent) and Great Britain (minus 6.4 percent) ended 2009 in the red.

VW remains the market leader in Europe

The VW Group remains the market leader in Europe in 2009 with a market share of 21.1 percent. The strongest single brand remains VW with a share of 11, 4 percent, ahead of Ford with a share of 8 .9 percent and Renault (7.6 percent ). Opel comes to 7.4 percent, Fiat to 7.0 percent. This is followed by Peugeot (6.9 percent) and Citroen (6.0 percent) and Toyota with a 4.9 percent market share. The strongest German premium provider is Audi with a market share of 4 , 2 percent, closely followed by Mercedes (4th , 1 percent) and BMW (4.0 Percent).


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