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Essen Motor Show 2015: Preview of the tuning fair

Essen Motor Show 2015
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First there was the S EMA in Las Vegas . Three weeks later the next highlight for tuning fans will be the Essen Motor Show 2015 (November 28th to December 6th). One with an overdose of sporty and souped-up cars. The organizers have registered over 500 exhibitors for the trade fair in the Ruhr area. Including some well-known tuners and automobile manufacturers.

Prominent tuners roar to Essen

Abt, AC Schnitzer, Heico Sportiv, Lorinser, Oettinger, Wimmer Rennsporttechnik, Irmscher have come from the warehouse of professional refiners , Techart and Carbonfiber Dynamics announced. From Kempten, three tuned cars set off for the Ruhr area. A 270 hp VW Passat Variant, a 400 hp Audi TTS Coupé and a brand new Audi RS3. His name: Abt Audi RS3 450 Individual. The compact sports car is supposed to go up to country road speed in under four seconds.

AC Schnitzer will present its tuning program for the BMW 1 Series and the BMW 3 Series Facelift. To do this, the Aacheners are refurbishing the new Mini F56 and building the BMW X6 horizontally. Which brings the Munich stunner the additional name 'Falcon'. Volvo specialist Heico Sportiv is also upgrading an SUV: the new XC90. For the four-cylinder turbodiesel D5 there is 25 HP and 70 Nm on top. Makes a total of 250 hp and 540 Nm. Heico Sportiv injects the four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine from 320 to 340 hp and 400 to 470 Nm. As a result, the SUV should move 0.9 seconds faster to 100 km /h than the production version (6.8 to 7.7 seconds).

Tuner Oettinger roars to Essen with an old friend. One with a 2.5-liter TFSI and 518 hp under the hood, which can articulate itself accordingly. We are talking about the Oettinger 500R, which debuted on Lake Wörthersee. The VW Golf R turned inside out will be on display at the Alpine Electronics stand. And carry a premium infotainment system. In some places there was also speculation about the appearance of the VW T6. But Oettinger will probably not fully reveal his over-van with five-cylinder and 518 hp until the Wörthersee meeting in 2016. Who else would be like that? The Mercedes C63 AMG from Carbonfiber Dynamics. Or the Irmscher Insignia is3, which with its 370 hp accelerates to 100 km /h in 5.9 seconds. Or the over-Cayenne from Techart.

Ford, Peugeot, Skoda and Co. at the start

At the Essen Motor Show, private tuners are also pushing into the foreground. Your show stage: the TuningXPerience. 150 hobby finishers will probably cater for one or the other wet dream. With converted cars à la VW Beetle, BMW 2002, Mercedes C124, Nissan GT-R R35 or Ferrari 458 Speciale. You can find many of the hot irons in our photo show. The PS professionals Sidney Hoffmann (Mercedes C63 S and widebody kit for VW Golf GTI VII) and Jean Pierre Kraemer (Nissan GT-R) will also make their appearance at the Essen Motor Show 2015.

They too Manufacturers don't spoil themselves. From Ferrari there is the 488 GTB with 670 hp to marvel at. Ford is also not stingy with horses and sends its 350 hp Focus RS and the legendary Mustang into the race for the audience. Peugeot comes up with its 208 GTi and 308 GTi, among others. Skoda also has several vehicles to offer for the Essen Motor Show. For example the Octavia RS230 or the Fabia R5 Rallye.

Speaking of motorsport. That shouldn't be neglected at the Essen Motor Show 2015. The DTM builds on its own world of experience. A special show celebrating 65 years of Formula 1 presents racing cars from the past. In addition, the organizer 'S.I.H.A' is offering insights into the racing history of the people of Munich with a special exhibition '100 Years of BMW History and Motorsport'.


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