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Essen Motor Show 2013: Highlights from the tuning mecca

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Essen Motor Show 2013
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W he thought Brabus had already made a big appearance the IAA shot all tuning powder, saw itself deceived in Essen. There it was, the world premiere, the Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo - a Mercedes E-Class fluffed up to 850 PS and this time - and this is the world premiere - in the body of the T-Model.

But it also made powerful statements for example, tuner Manhart with a 400 hp BMW 1 Series, a 735 hp BMW 6 Series or a 700 hp BMW X5. When looking for 700 PS, tuning freaks will also find what they are looking for at the Essen Motor Show - in the form of an optimized Audi RS6. Abt can also be smaller and has a VW Polo R WRC with 290 PS and a VW Golf GTI with 300 PS ready.

Gallardo with over 1,000 PS

Tuner Larte from Moscow is setting the first Russian fragrance brand in Essen, who are represented at the motor show with revised Infiniti, Volvo and Land Rover models. There is a new sign of life from Elia, who vie for attention with a chic Renault Twizy and a fat Renault Clio.

At Löwenstein, they have also discovered the Mercedes E 63 AMG T-model for themselves. Unlike Brabus, they do not rely on strengthening turbos but on compulsory civil servicing of the 6.2 liter V8 by a compressor. The result: 702 PS and 883 Nm.

780 PS, but only 800 Nm, the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera from Rothe claims for itself. Here, too, a compressor provides pressure. Not enough, no problem. The Superleggera with twin turbo charging is waiting on the other side of the stand. Then up to 1,007 hp and 1,000 Nm should help the bull on the jumps. Away from the bull to the wolf. With 370 hp and 550 Nm torque, the Focus station wagon from Wolf Racing attracts, which you could also take with you at a special price.

Nice, but no longer a five-cylinder. Heico still has it in his luggage in a Volvo V40 with 320 hp and 510 Nm. Lorinser demonstrates what is still possible with the new Mercedes S-Class - but then there is no more discreet elegance. No matter, because whoever competes in Essen wants to attract attention.

You can see which other highlights we encountered in Essen in the photo show.


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