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Essen Motor Show 2010: young and old timers at the fair

Anna Matuschek
Essen Motor Show 2010
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E one actually expects at a tuning fair like the Essen Motor Show lots of boom-boom, a lot of bare skin and definitely a lot of spoiled cars.

Oldtimers to attract customers

However, a march through the fair showed that the trend is strongly towards cult cars. So not only were young and oldtimers in the exhibition halls, dealers also seem to be increasingly relying on classics to attract customers. Voluminous American sleds from the 60s and 70s, hot rods or even a W124 in well-kept everyday condition are particularly popular.

When rummaging around in the accessories area, care products and metalworking tools increasingly appear - a clear indication of good sales opportunities. If the trend continues, the chances are good that in the future, in addition to spoilers for Calibra and Co., well-made replacement fenders or a new alternator will be available at the tuning fair.


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