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Essen Motor Show 2010 - Hella Show & amp; Shine Award

Essen Motor Show
Essen Motor Show 2010 - Hella Show & Shine Award
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T uning is a matter of taste . And who will meet the most tastes with their conversion? Hella and vau-max.de wanted the visitors to their stand at the Essen Motor Show to decide.

VW Golf on the winners podium

In addition to voting at the Essen Motor Show, tuning fans could also vote online for their favorite car. While the Mini was at the forefront on the Internet, visitors to the tuning fair voted for the elaborately painted Passat by Niels Knaus. But overall victory went to Michael Reinecke and his VW Golf six with a roof rack and surfboard. Until the next Essen Motor Show in 2011, he will be the reigning Hella Show & Shine Award winner.

Hella Show & Shine Award is looking for trends

Which style does the audience like best - is it the subtle black VW Golf with the brown rims and the chic leather interior? Or does the gray VW Passat CC with the green wheels and funky decor get the biggest applause? A total of ten exhibits were available to the Hella Show & Shine audience. All vehicles were built privately and had to qualify for the award in advance.

The jury included Ralf Richter, whom some will know from the cult film Bang Boom Bang, and the Hella Show & Shine Award winner Nancy Pintovic. When making the selection, the organizers Hella and vau-max.de did not focus on the greatest price expenditure but on the special idea and implementation.


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