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Essen Motor Show 2010: Design studies by Sbarro, Rinspeed & amp; Co.

Essen Motor Show 2010
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D The driver's heart should, among other things, see the Sbarro Ferrari Beat P4 faster, with which the Italian Francesco Sbarro presents a modern interpretation of legendary Ferrari racing cars from the 1960s. The design is strongly reminiscent of the Ferrari 330 P.

Sports car dreams of tomorrow at the Essen Motor Show

But that's not all. Sbarro is at the start with other spectacular studies like the Espera Essenza at the Essen Motor Show. The latter combines the characteristics of a perfect sports car: thanks to a fiberglass body, the Espera Essenza weighs just 850 kilograms. In combination with the 200 hp BMW engine, this results in an overall package that makes sports car fans click their tongues.

The same should also apply to the GQbyCitroën, which can also be admired at the Essen Motor Show . Its muscular appearance arouses emotions - not to mention the driving performance. Because Tempo 100 should be applied after 4.5 seconds. And by the way, this sporty study also ensures a clear conscience. Because the GQbyCitroën has a hybrid drive consisting of a 1.6-liter four-cylinder and an electric motor.

Other manufacturers also use the Essen Motor Show to put their most spectacular studies in the spotlight. For example, Mercedes is presenting the F800, Fornasari the martial racing buggy and Peugeot the BB1. The look into the future of the car - it is particularly emotional at the Essen Motor Show. Just make your mouth water yourself - with our detailed photo show.

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