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Espionage at Renault: Renault suspects competition from China

Espionage at Renault
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A n the day before it became known that Renault had three high-ranking managers in front of the Door that are suspected of having given secret information about the development of electric cars outside.

The second largest French automaker wants to file a lawsuit over this. Industry Minister Eric Besson already spoke of an 'economic war'.

Renault holds 56 patents, 115 are registered

Corporate investigators had investigated the three Renault employees for several months, one of whom was just under 30-member board of directors under CEO Carlos Ghosn. Renault has high hopes for the electric vehicle business and, together with its Japanese sister company Nissan, has already invested around four billion euros in the future technology. Together they want to become the world market leader in electric vehicles.

This year and next, Renault wants to bring four electric cars onto the market. According to information from 'Le Figaro', Renault already holds 56 patents and 115 more have already been registered. China also has an ambitious electric car development program involving 16 state-owned manufacturers. Around 15 billion dollars are expected to be invested over the next ten years.


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