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Erlkönige X2, 3 Series, Z5 & amp; 8 series: BMW tests the brand new models

Stefan Baldauf
BMW X2, BMW 3 Series, BMW Z5 & BMW 8 Series
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BMW 2 Series Coupé (2017)

The compact is getting a little facelift that is particularly noticeable at the rear and front. New headlights, slightly redesigned kidney grille, modified lights at the rear and a new diffuser characterize the Coupé.

A drives: The current engine generation remains, which was updated in 2016. There could also be an M2 CS version that comes with an M4 engine that has been reduced in terms of power.

BMW X2 (2017)

It won't come until the second half of 2017 BMW X2 on the market. At the Paris Motor Show in autumn 2016, the Bavarians gave a preview of the SUV coupé. The BMW X2 will stay closer to the hatchback design than its big brothers X4 and especially X6, which present more or less sweeping rump. The main reason for the less coupé-like sloping roof is the headroom in row two.

Drives: Let's do it the other way around: The basic petrol and diesel engines familiar from the BMW X1 136 or 150 hp will probably not find its way into the X2. The more powerful engines have priority here.

BMW 3 Series (2018)

G20 is the name of the new generation of the BMW 3 Series and you want not only a big technology, but also a big one Dare to take a design step. The interior design already anticipated the i-Vision study from CES 2016. In the basic version, the middle class receives analog instruments and a touch display in the center console. There is also an optional large display that faces the driver. A digital instrument cluster is also available at an additional cost. With the upcoming 5 Series, the new BMW 3 Series also shares the 35up basic architecture, which is now called CLAR - the new model should then weigh 80 kilos less.

Drives: The range of engines should be equip the Bavarians with units from the new 0.5-liter engine kit. The offer will range from three-cylinder in the basic models to four-cylinder and six-cylinder in the top versions - all with turbocharging. The top models are the BMW M3 with less than 500 hp and a BMW 340i M Performance.

BMW 4 Series Coupé and Cabrio (2017)

The facelift models will be available in March 2017 Retailers come and are only characterized by minor retouching on the front and rear. The rear lights are also being revised.

Drives: No changes to the drives in sight.

BMW M4 (2017)

After the 4-series convertible and coupé models BMW also gave the M4 a refresher. Front and rear are being revised. Overall, the M4 should look sharper.

Drives: BMW could transplant the 450 hp biturbo into the new M4.

The BMW X2 still as a study.

BMW 5 Series Touring (2017)

The station wagon is coming in summer Version of the new 5 Series on the market. The rear design of the Touring also suggests that the new model was not about maximum cargo space. The new one should surpass the 1,670 liters of the predecessor.

Drives: The four- and six-cylinder engines come from the new modular system and produce between 190 and 265 hp as diesel, with gasoline between 252 and 462 hp. All-wheel drive will also be available again in the Touring - but not an M version.

BMW X5 (2018)

The new generation of the SUV is internally called the F15. It is based on the new platform, which was previously called 35up but is now called CLAR (Cluster Architecture). Thanks to CLAR with its lightweight construction materials, the vehicle weight is significantly lower.

Drives: Four, six and eight cylinders are used in the X5, the three-cylinder will certainly not be found in it Thick ship. A plug-in hybrid version will also be available to reduce fleet consumption, and an M version with around 700 hp to increase it.

BMW M5 (2017)

The new BMW M5 - internally called F90 - is like the new civilian 5 Series on the completely new lightweight platform. This should also save 100 kilos on the M5. M-specific, double tailpipes peek out of the rear apron. At the front, the apron appears much more aggressive compared to the production version.

Drives: The well-known 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 works under the hood, as it is in the M outputs from X5 or X6 can be seen. The eighth-end should produce over 600 hp in the new version.

Sun will look like the new BMW X5.

BMW Z5 (2018)

It is still unclear whether the new roadster which is based on a platform developed together with Toyota and will be called BMW Z4 or Z5. What is clear, however, is that the Z5 will have an electric soft top.

Drives: According to BMW, there will be a classic straight six-cylinder in the M40i Roadster. The well-known 3.0 turbo petrol engine (B58) with at least 326 hp is used here. A new charged two-liter (B48) is also provided in the sDrive30i. A pure M version has not yet been confirmed.

BMW 6 Series GT (2017)

Say 'goodbye' to the BMW 5 Series GT - the model will be replaced by the more elegant 6 Series GT from 2017 . It relies on the technology of the BMW 5 Series and the utility of the 5 Series GT, is longer and has a trunk volume of around 500 liters.

Drives: Four-, six- and eight-cylinders are coming for use. The power range is between 190 and 465 hp. However, only the eight- and six-cylinder units are initially available at market launch. There will also be a hybrid drive train, as well as an M Performance variant, but no M version.

Roof off: The new BMW 8 Series as a convertible.

BMW X7 (2017)

BMW calls its X7 G07. Three real rows of seats, over 5 meters in length and up to seven seats make it particularly attractive in China and the USA. Technically, the BMW X7 is based on the CLAR platform, which also carries the new BMW 7 Series and BMW 5 Series. Aluminum, high-strength steels and composite materials should keep the weight of the new SUV in check and make electric drives possible.

Drives: Four cylinders are excluded, a V12 is possible. Pretty sure are the 6- and eight-cylinder from the X5 as wellAll-wheel drive.

BMW 8 Series Coupé (2019)

At the end of 2018, the 8 Series, discontinued in 1999, will return to the Bavarian model portfolio. With a length of 5.01 meters, the two-door model will be only slightly smaller than an S-Class Coupé and has a width of just over 1.90 meters.

Drives: Under the hood, the new BMW 8 Series has a double-charged V8 engine that will provide at least 450 hp. 600 to 620 PS are in the Power Coupé when the M GmbH logo is emblazoned on it.

BMW 8 Series Convertible (2020)

In addition to a Coupé, there will also be a from 2020 Convertible with fabric top.

Drives: The technology from the new 7 Series is used under the sheet metal cover. A powerful straight six-cylinder should work at the base, and the V12 also fits into the engine compartment of the 8 Series. (also applies to Coupé ... see above).


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