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Erlkönige of December 2014: Swabian-Bavaria duel and British athletes

Stefan Baldauf
Erlkönige of December 2014
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M cLaren continues to roll out its sports car platform. After expansions at the upper end of the price and performance spectrum, the lower end is now being expanded. The new Sport Series should act as a gateway drug into the McLaren world. It will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. In the McLaren Sport Series, the well-known 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 has around 450 hp, and the well-known seven-speed DSG is also retained. Visually, the McLaren Sports Series will present itself as a mix of 650S and P1 and prove a little more everyday practicality in the interior. In addition, the trunk and the space for the passengers should be larger. The price of the McLaren Sports Series is in the range of 140,000 euros.

More BMW with front-wheel drive

Much more mysterious there is the caught BMW 2 Series Coupé. With its wheelbase and height cut, BMW could test the BMW Z2 Roadster for the first time under the modified body, which is based on the Mini's new front-wheel drive platform. The Bavarians are likely to target the niche of the small roadster like a Mazda MX-5.

The refreshed BMW 1 Series will still use the old platform, which will premiere at the IAA in 2015 and then on the market in 2016 will come. In terms of design, the 1 Series will only develop gently. Further downsizing, on the other hand, takes place under the bonnet, where the 1 Series will also adopt the three-cylinder units already known from the Mini and the 2 Series Active Tourer.

The new BMW 5 Series, which also debuted in 2016, was spared this. Four-, six- and eight-cylinder hearts will beat under the bonnet, which will cover a performance range of around 200 to 450 hp for the gasoline engines. Of course, another M5 follows on top. The diesel should bring between 150 and 350 hp at the start. Also in the program is a hybrid drive with a four-cylinder gasoline engine. In addition, thanks to the new lightweight construction platform, the Bavarian should lose around 100 kilograms.

New Mercedes E-Class and SLK transformation

The direct competitor from Stuttgart should also be lighter if it is also due for a new edition in 2016. The interior and exterior design of the new Mercedes E-Class will be based on the C and S-Class. In addition, it becomes the entire armada of assistance and safety systems from theTake over the S-Class. On the engine side, in-line six-cylinder engines are returning and the nine-speed automatic transmission will find its way across the board.

In addition to the sedan, the E-Class will again be available in other body versions. The station wagon as a T-model should come onto the market in 2017, an AMG version will not be missing, as well as the four-seater convertible and the coupé.

There are hardly any changes for the Mercedes SLK. The only real change is the name, because the SLK becomes the SLC. Otherwise, the aprons will be slightly modified, the engine range refreshed and the infotainment system updated.

A powerful 63 AMG version with 585 PS and 900 Nm will be added to the GLE Coupé that has already been presented, so that the Swabian SUV coupé too can keep up with the X6 M.


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