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Erlkönige in November: This is where the German car future is being tested

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Erlkönige in November
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D he price for most Erlkönig goes to this month BMW. The Bavarians are undergoing the facelift of the new BMW 5 Series, and in this context, the BMW 5 Series GT and the Touring estate version can look forward to a visual and technical refreshment from 2013. BMW is completely redesigning its tourer based on the front-wheel drive platform of the upcoming Mini. Although the model was presented as a study at the Paris Motor Show 2012, the production version of the 'BMW Van' is likely to differ slightly from the concept.

Mini with more doors, Mercedes with A-class SUV

Apropos Mini. There is also something new in the brand division of BMW. The next generation will also be available as a five-door model with a slightly longer wheelbase under the working title Mini Traveler.

The competition from Stuttgart sent the Mercedes GLA on a test tour and the 350 PS version as a GLA 45 AMG behind. While the SUV based on the new A-Class is completely new, the Stuttgart-based company is launching the revised E-Class in 2013. In addition to the sedan and T-model, the coupé and convertible will also be modified, with the coupé and convertible still keeping the exhibited fenders of the current model.

Porsche is only a stone's throw away and is testing the Porsche 911 GT3 RSR. The model, the spearhead in Porsche's racing car program based on the 911, will be rebuilt for 2013 and will therefore only take part in selected races in the test year.

Audi is testing the A3 sedan, VW the Golf Variant and the GTI

The Audi A3 as a sedan should appeal to more than just a select group of people. The notchback model is celebrating its premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show and will also come onto the German market in 2013 - after all, the body version is celebrating a renaissance in this country.

Group parent Volkswagen is also living up to its name again and will be offering its model variations of the stock up on new VW Golf VII. In addition to the GTI version, which we caught as Erlkönig, the Golf is also being launched as a Variant.

But we saw other Erlkönig waiting for you in our photo show: Among others the McLaren P1, Ferrari California successor, Aston Martin Vanquish Volante or the Range Rover Sport.


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