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Erlkönig Smart Fortwo: This is what the 3rd generation looks like

Erlkönig Smart Fortwo
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New Smart with a curved cockpit

But now the first pictures are on the other side of the world popped up. The Chinese website autohome.com.cn shows several views of the new Smart Fortwo and Forfour. Including first interior shots. H Here it goes to the new presentation of Smart Fortwo and Forfour.

Im Inside, the Smart looks very playful again even in the latest generation, a three-spoke steering wheel with control buttons and a very large logo emblazoned in front of an equally large speedometer with a small screen. The dashboard is organically curved and has a protruding control unit for the infotainment system and the air conditioning in the middle. There are two air streams above it. For the rear passengers of the Smart Forfour there is a storage element with a cup holder in the middle.

The third generation of the Smart Fortwo remains true to the rear-engine /rear-wheel drive concept and the Tridion cell. However, the new Smart Fortwo will be based on a platform that is being developed in cooperation with Renault /Nissan and operating internally as JC1. The small and compact platform serves as the basis for all future Mercedes /Smart and Renault /Nissan models. Whereby JC1 could even support a front engine concept.

It is already clear that the two-seater Smart Fortwo, which is 10 centimeters wider than the current model, has no competition to fear from France. Renault /Nissan sees the chances for a counterpart as too low. Instead, they deliver the new TCe three-cylinder petrol engine to Hambach, where the two-seater will continue to be manufactured. The four-seater, on the other hand, is manufactured by Renault in Novo Mesto, Solven. The three-cylinder will come as a vacuum cleaner with around 65 hp and as a turbo with 85 and 105 hp. Shifting takes place with a new 6-speed dual clutch transmission from Getrag, but the basic version has a 5-speed switch on board.

The new Smart will be available to order from summer 2014, with delivery from November . The new Smart Fortwo will initially only come as a coupé, so the old convertible version will probably continue to be offered in parallel. The electrically powered old Smart will also continue to run until 2016.


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