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Erlkönig Renault Trafic: New large-capacity van starts in 2015

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Erlkönig Renault Trafic
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G Community developments in the commercial vehicle sector are much more natural than corresponding projects in the passenger car -Area. So far, the car manufacturers Renault /Nissan and Opel /Vauxhall have been producing their Trafic, Vivaro and Primastar van series on a joint platform. As of 2015, all three will be on a new, shared platform. Now the first Erlkönige have been caught.

The classic box shape is of course retained for the trio of commercial vehicles, but the distinctive hump above the cab disappears. In addition, the third side window receives a dynamic upswing. The face of the caught Renault prototype has a wider grille and new headlights. The corresponding sister models will then be adapted to the respective brand faces.

The new Renault Trafic should again be offered with different wheelbases and payloads. Under the bonnet, only diesel engines drive the front wheels.

Production of the new generation of vans is likely to be concentrated at the French Renault plant in Sandouville in Normandy. The current generation is also manufactured in Barcelona and Luton (Great Britain), among others.


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