Erlkönig of the month April 2016

Stefan Baldauf
Erlkönige of April 2016
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Six Porsche models caught

Sports cars, SUVs, sedans, commercial vehicles, power station wagons and compact cars -Models - in April 2016 everything was caught that wasn't on the trees at 3. Porsche in particular was fair game, with six models alone falling into our trap. In addition to the P orsche 911 of the next generation, the GT3 and GT3 RS are also available in the facelift version, as is the Panamera and its station wagon version and the revised one Cayenne. The latter receive the brand-new twin-turbo V8 with four liters of displacement, which was presented just a few days ago.

E-Class as a convertible and coupé

A few kilometers further in Stuttgart, Mercedes has his 'cave' and we were lucky to hunt there too. The E-Class has been presented, the station wagon version in the making, so what's left? Correct, the Cabrio and coupé versions. But we also got a very special prototype online. As a shortened S-Class Coupé in AMG trim, Mercedes is testing the new sports car platform that will carry the Mercedes SLC and SL in the future.

Stefan Baldauf
2017 brings the SUV 'Stelvio'.

BMW comes with X3 M and Audi with RS 4 Avant on the market

Let's take a look at Bavaria in our hunting fever and look at Audi. The people of Ingolstadt gave us the Leave the S5 and its convertible version and do the stalking the Power-Kombi Audi RS4 Avant crowned. In Munich we were with the shooting down of the new BMW X5 and the X3 and the M version of the compact SUV are lucky enough to hunt.

The other prototypes from April 2016 including the Opel Insignia, You can see Nissan Micra, Alfa Stelvio or Honda Civic in our photo show.


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