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Erlkönig Mini Roadster: radical convertible feeling from 2012

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D he Mini Roadster was already on in 2009 presented at the IAA in Frankfurt as a concept car together with the coupé version.

Mini Roadster only as a two-seater

A little later, BMW announced that both models would go into series production. The Mini Roadster is considered a more radical version of the convertible. Compared to the convertible, the model is only designed as a two-seater, the space gained should benefit the luggage compartment and the two front passengers.

The manual fabric roof stretches very just over the heads of the two passengers and transforms the model with the roof closed in a notchback version. At the end of it, a retractable rear spoiler stretches towards the sky, which is supposed to provide a lot of downforce.

Cooper engines with and without turbo

Underneath, the exhaust gases escape via centrally arranged tailpipes. Otherwise, the Erlkönig of the Mini Roadster is hardly inferior to the IAA study. On the drive side, the front-wheel drive Mini Roadster will rob the current naturally aspirated and turbo engines of the Cooper models.


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