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Erlkönig Mercedes ML and S-Class AMG as 'draft horses'
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M it little Success, as our pictures show. The 4x4-ML had to rely on the additional power of an AMG-S-Class with snow chains to rescue the damaged vehicle.

Incidentally, that day it landed three times on the narrow street in the ditch, which the other Mercedes colleagues acknowledged with plenty of ridicule and a lot of humor.

The new generation of Mercedes ML looks a bit smaller, although the wheelbase will probably stay the same. The upcoming Mercedes ML should be more closely related to the design of the GL-Class and the R-Class orientate.

Mercedes ML with S-Class Hybrid

Despite the strong camouflage, a few details can already be seen. The doors will probably get a new drawing, the position of the door handles has been changed, and other rear-view mirrors have been installed. A modified apron and revised main headlights with LED daytime running lights are used at the front.

Until 2011 there will certainly be a lot more to do in terms of consumption optimization. The ML also receives the 3.5-liter V6 from the Mercedes S 400 Hybrid as well as the well-known units from the Mercedes shelf. These include the 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel with 204 hp, a V6 diesel with 225 hp and a 333 hp V6 petrol engine. The AMG model is the V8 with two turbochargers and 570 hp from a displacement of 6.2 liters.


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