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Erlkönig Dacia Logan: The cheap home-made returns

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Erlkönig Dacia Logan
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2 In 005, the five-seat Dacia Logan was priced at 7,200 Euro was introduced in Germany as the cheapest car at the time and was able to position itself successfully. In the meantime, the Romanian brand has removed the Logan from its range in Germany.

New Dacia Logan is no longer called Logan

Now the new generation of the Dacia Logan is announced, which will be shown as a study at the Paris Motor Show and as a production model at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show could. However, the model will no longer operate under the name Logan, at least on the German market.

Visually, the Erlkönig is still quite high-necked. Under the camouflage of the compact sedan, one can make out a larger grill and narrow headlights. It seems as if the prototype has a hatchback, but the model is likely to come back onto the market with a classic notchback, especially because of its popularity in the emerging markets.


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