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Erlkönig BMW M 135i caught: 1 Series M model will be released in 2012

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Erlkönig BMW M 135i caught
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B The engine range of the new BMW 1 Series ends as Five-door with four-cylinders with 218 hp. You won't find any six-cylinder in the new model. That should change - and tremendously. In order to be able to compete with the powerful compact models of the competition, the BMW 1 Series will again be equipped with a powerful six-cylinder in the future. And he can go straight to the limit and compete under the new power label M Performance.

M Performance with 320 PS

At the Geneva Motor Show, the BMW M 135i was presented as a near-series concept car and carried the supercharged straight-six from the 6 series under the hood. The performance data: around 300 PS PS and 450 Nm torque. The power transmission to the rear tires should either be a manual six-speed gearbox or an eight-speed sports automatic.

In order to meet the M-Performance specifications, the M 135i has a front apron with enlarged air inlets and a new rear apron with two integrated tailpipes and a new one molded side skirts. The upgraded interior is likely to be in the range of equipment between the good series and a real M model. The same goes for the price.


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