Erlkönig BMW 5 Series Touring

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Erlkönig BMW 5 Series Touring
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The new 5 series B MW as a sedan will be available from dealers from March 2010, the station wagon will follow at a distance of six months and rolls out to dealers in September 2010.

BMW 5 Series Touring: The new rear is more pleasing

The 5-series station wagon, known internally as FG11, is characterized by a very slight sloping towards the rear Roof line reminiscent of the current model. A larger roof spoiler closes off the rear, the distinctive bend below the rear window will no longer exist in the new model. In addition, the rear lights will be given a new design, which will in future be the rear part of the new BMW 5 Series Touring dominate significantly more. Overall, the rear of the FG11 looks significantly lighter and more pleasing than its predecessor. A space miracle, like the T-model of the Mercedes E-Class, is not to be expected in the new 5 Series Touring either.

In terms of technology, engine and equipment options, the station wagon version will be similar to the current BMW 5 Series Sedan (Here for all information about the new 5 Series BMW 2010) ). The 5 Series Touring celebrates its world premiere at the AMI in Leipzig.


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