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Environmental zone Hanover - Restriction to green: No defusing

Hanover environmental zone - restriction to green remains
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D he city of Hanover may follow the instructions of the minister for The Hanover Administrative Court ruled on Tuesday (February 16) that the environmental zone should not be defused without prior public participation.

Low emission zone makes sense

Contrary to what the minister assumed, the regulation makes sense in order to reduce the emission of harmful nitrogen dioxide.

As early as mid-January, the Hanover Administrative Court had the Lower Saxony Environment Minister no longer insist on the timely implementation of the decree with which he wanted to partially reverse the environmental zone in the state capital. Environment Minister Sander had ordered the state capital to re-register all cars with diesel engines of the Euro 3 standard with a yellow sticker. Instead, better traffic lights should ensure a 'green wave' and fewer emissions.

In Hanover, since January 1st, only you have a green sticker as access authorization for the environmental zone.


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