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England trip in the Wildgoose Brent Super V.E.B .: Goose Mobil - a mini as a rolling apartment

England trip in Wildgoose Brent Super VEB
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V at noon around half past ten the Empire is in the mood for one couple of cookies. Only two hours ago she was sitting smiling in front of a plate of porridge and eating slices of toast that were diagonally divided, clearly cooled and coated with orange jam.

But it may be due to the English breakfast that the Empire is already in the Armchairs and sofas make the hotel lobby cozy. Ladies and gentlemen, who weren't really young when Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne of Britain, have tea served in shiny brass jugs.

Add a drop of milk, then the seniors dunk brown with great enthusiasm Borboun biscuits in their hot drink. It will go on like this until evening, only interrupted by lunch, and you will indulge in stories about the Empire. And about how it was back then, ten years ago, when the quicksand in front of Lytham St. Anne's swallowed eleven Chinese.

Most bizarre of all mini-four meter hostels

When we're gone , you will perhaps mention the Wildgoose by the way - our motorhome based on a mini van, which some of the gentlemen had circled cautiously that morning. But this is Blackpool. A place to imagine as if the wrong end of Las Vegas had emigrated to England's northwest coast. Britain's quirkiest seaside resort is a perfect destination for the quirkiest of all mini. In Blackpool, the year-round fair, costumed starship Enterprise disciples and the members of the Labor Party meet. A mini-camper doesn’t even get a twitch of the eyebrows from the locals, who are dulled when it comes to curiosities.

That will only succeed when the Wildgoose reveals its biggest secret, its upper room. The resident has to help with a crank behind the driver's seat for the first few centimeters, then an electric motor winds the penthouse up using chains. The front and rear aluminum walls of the first floor fold down from the roof, where they lock the locking levers.

Thick rubber seals should make the whole thing weatherproof. And yet the Wildgoose is like an English hotel room. The maisonette can be set up in a minute. However, more time and organizational skills are required in order to then arrange the many slightly but decisively differently shaped upholstery pieces into beds and seating. She is allowed to driveGoose, of course, only with the attic.

Optimistic British: four people should have space

Wildgoose Ltd. in Worthing, County Sussex, England, planned four people to occupy the Wildgoose. Two can lie down to rest on the floor of the camper. Two more should not be over kindergarten age.

Only then is there a certain chance not to fall out of the narrow bunks that float halfway up the side wall. A high affinity for physical closeness is also recommended for multi-person stays. But the fact that four people can actually live in a mini-camper can be considered the highlight of the mini-space miracle legend.

Wild goose number 18

Of the around 60 built wild geese, ours is number 18. As the top model, Brent Super VEB it hatched in July 1965 and cost £ 998 at the time. The formal impression that there is no unreservedly harmonious connection between the mini substructure and the Wildgoose attachment is confirmed after a few meters. The Wildgoose drives exactly as it looks: like a mini that tumbled backwards into a garden shed and has been dragging it since then.

And which he would like to shake off again. The Wildgoose crackles and creaks, the car and arbor seem to be connected by only a few pieces of headlining. For the Goose, the floor pan was extended with the subframe of the mini van, but this did not change the self-supporting construction. This ensures a moderate degree of torsional stiffness: If one of the 10-inch wheels falls into a pothole, the rattling of the kettle in the cupboard can hardly drown out the crunching in the beams.

The Goose Mobile

With residents weighing well over a ton, the Wildgoose shakes its 34 hp from 848 cc bravely to 50 miles per hour. The four-speed box - guided over the long gear lever of the early Mini - is unsynchronized in first gear, insists on double-declutching with every gear change, and also takes good note of double clutches.

The Mini brings the relationship with the One-room apartment undiminished its talents. So even in the wide Wildgoose dress it does without any effective form of suspension and, with its extremely direct steering, ensures handling that would be excellent for a car - for a wheeled garden shed it is sensational.

So we travel nimbly along the coast from Lytham St. Anne‘s the few miles to Blackpool. The British lake bath is also the birthplace of the Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons, but above all that of mass tourism. It's still raging today, on the first Monday inMay - a public holiday in the UK. Along the mile-wide promenade with its three piers and parallel to the double-decker trams, we roll past countless fish and chip shops, cafes and hotels, the front of which looks like you would not even imagine the back.

Las Vegas for the British - and 10 million tourists a year

By English standards, the weather is almost free of rain. If a storm whip sweeps over the piers, the Briton will stay there unmoved. A few weeks ago, on an indefinite day in April, he sensed the summer and took off his winter dress. Since then, he has only covered his pale legs up to his knees. His companion, the Briton, on the other hand, rarely wears more than a minimum of complete clothing at a young age, even in deep winter. Especially on May Day, on which the boys mainly pay attention to beer, calls for more aggressive behavior.

10 million tourists visit Blackpool every year. You are looking for the less profound entertainment - and you are guaranteed to find it. The Wildgoose passes gambling dens and junk shops, night clubs that are open all day and time and again bingo halls, which are often located in earlier Art Deco movie theaters. Older visitors in particular are enthusiastic about crossing numbers - when they are not sitting in their car, eating sandwiches and looking at the sea. We're almost uncomfortable when we set up the roof of the Wildgoose at Cleveleys, make tea and then picnic outside.

Blackpool: pinball machine without electricity

After that we would like another chocolate bar, so we stop at 'The Log Cabin', a kiosk right next to the artificial model boat lake in Fleetwood. Nigel has been running the Log Cabin, founded in 1928, for seven years. He has sweets, tea, coffee and hate speech on New Labor to take away. Tony Blair announced his retirement two days later. When he was elected in 1997, the British had celebrated their premier like a pop star. Ten years later they want to get rid of him like a pesky vacuum cleaner salesman.

With GBP 674C we are going to the tip of the peninsula around Blackpool. The storm hits the Wildgoose broadside and violently drives them off their course. Fleetwood Harbor is just a few miles north of fun-loving Blackpool. The tram line from Blackpool ends here, where no glitter and cheap glamor can get lost. You can only continue on foot or by ferry - to the other side of the River Wyre.

We turn around and cruise through Blackpool again. The May parties are over now, the tourist crowds at home, the lights out. The roller coaster is up, the tower protrudes unlit into the night, the waves splash on the stilts of the dark piers.

On an ordinary evening in theBlackpool is like a pinball machine when someone has pulled the plug. When we later arrive at our hotel in Lytham St. Annes, the ladies and gentlemen of the Empire are still sitting in the lobby. In great evening attire, they now dip their biscuits in hot milk. This goes on until half past ten at night. Then the Empire goes to bed.


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