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Emissions test: tailpipe measurement comes back

Emissions test
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D the Federal Council on Friday (September 22nd, 2017) agreed to stricter regulations for emissions tests, which the Federal Ministry of Transport had initiated. The Road Traffic Licensing Regulations have been changed accordingly.

The AU currently consists of a combination of exhaust gas measurement on the tailpipe and electronic on-board diagnosis (OBD) for vehicles with initial registration from 1.1.2006. At the moment, however, an additional tailpipe measurement is carried out on a maximum of 15 percent of vehicles with an OBD system.

OBD error detection is not enough

However, a functional test of the on-board diagnostic system alone can no reliable statement can be made about whether the correct condition of all emission-relevant components is given, explains the Central Association of German Motor Vehicle Trade (ZDK).

The draft directive also provides for the tightening of exhaust gas limits. From 2019, the particle number of diesel vehicles will also be measured on the tailpipe. It is still uncertain how the new emissions test will run. The costs will not change for owners of older cars (before 2006), for younger models the additional measurement could increase the bill by up to 12 euros.

Exhaust gas manipulation like at VW could not expose the new tailpipe measurement either because only CO2 and turbidity are measured here, but not NOx emissions. In order to obtain realistic results here, every test center would have to be equipped with a load test bench and new emission measurement technology, which would cause immense costs and take a long time, explains the ADAC.


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