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Emissions scandal: Federal government wants unannounced emissions tests

Reaction to the exhaust scandal
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N ach Vehicles are to be selected at random, for example through car rental companies, and their pollutant emissions tested, said Dobrindt. His ministry wants to make sure that manipulations don't happen again. According to Dobrindt, state test benches are to be set up at the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

KBA should monitor more strictly

In addition, manufacturers are to disclose their engine software to the KBA in the future. This would make it easier to identify any shut-off devices with which a vehicle 'notices' whether an emissions test is currently running, reports the Handelsblatt.

Dobrindt is receiving support for his plans to quickly develop the emissions control system for cars in Germany to further develop and to set up independent controls by the ADAC. At the same time, the automobile club demanded that cars must comply with the legal limit values ​​in all operating conditions for mobile measurements on the road and in reality. The RDE measurement method (Real Driving Emissions) and the new WLTP ( Worldwide Harmonized Light Duty Test Procedure) should be introduced into the type approval procedure for passenger cars as quickly as possible. In addition, the KBA should already announce unpublished values ​​for driving operations, such as driving resistances, so that independent emissions laboratories can reliably check the measurements.

The cost of improving the emissions control system is likely but not to be passed on to drivers and taxpayers.


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