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Emissions scandal at Fiat: EU initiates infringement proceedings

Fiat emissions affair
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D ie Italian authorities had not complied with the EU regulations for the approval of vehicle types from the car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler, the Commission said on Wednesday (17.05.2017) in Brussels. Last December, Brussels had already opened similar proceedings against Germany and six other EU states.

Last year, according to KBA investigations in the context of the diesel affair, the Italian car manufacturer was suspected of installing inadmissible defeat devices. The nitrogen oxide cleaning of the exhaust system switched itself off after 22 minutes - the official approval test takes 20 minutes.

Fiat, however, showed little willingness to provide information after the test results were submitted, Spiegel reports. It was only after a complaint with the EU that the Italian Ministry of Transport took on the matter. Fiat made improvements and assured that the defeat device had been removed. But with further follow-up measurements it was found that the defeat device was changed, but still active.


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