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Emissions affair: Dobrindt's investigation report is embellished

Achim Hartmann
Exhaust gas affair
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Changes in favor of Opel, Audi and Fiat

D This emerges from files that a research team from Spiegel Online, dpa and Bayerischer Rundfunk, were able to view. “However, a comparison with older versions of the report, which had been created in his house in January and February (Dobrindt's Ministry of Transport, editor's note) shows that accusatory passages on various models have been crossed out again. In favor of manufacturers such as Opel, Audi and Fiat.

Background: During the nitrogen oxide measurements, it was found that the exhaust gas cleaning systems of the vehicles are shut down or switched off completely at a certain temperature. This was declared by the manufacturers as a 'thermal window' and justified with the protection of the motor. At Opel, this should be the case from an outside temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, other car manufacturers switch off from 10 degrees Celsius. The automobile manufacturers interpret a corresponding EU regulation differently than some lawyers who consider the disconnection device to be illegal. Such a technology would not have been allowed in the USA.

“Even the experts at the ministry had great doubts about the legality and did not want to accept the excuse of the automaker that the cleaning of toxic nitrogen oxides had to be reduced for reasons of engine protection will. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) also came to the conclusion that, as in the case of an Opel Insignia and Zafira, one had to assume 'a defeat device'. At least that was what the investigation report said at first, 'says Spiegel.

An expert report had been ordered whose author supported the' doubts about the admissibility of this temperature-dependent emission reduction strategy '. The testers came to similar results for an Audi A6, a Chevrolet Cruze, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, two Hyundai cars and models from Nissan, Suzuki and Range Rover.

Dacia and Renault also under suspicion

The corresponding passages can not be found in the version of the investigation commission published in April. Another passage dealing with the Renault Kadjar and Dacia Sandero models was also deleted. With these models, the Commission found that the “suspicion of an inadmissible defeat device cannot be eliminated”. During tests it was found that the shutdown of the emission control system was just below the temperaturebegins to test vehicles on the test bench.

Meanwhile, Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) has reacted to the report: The FCA vehicles meet “all relevant emission requirements ... In particular, they do not have any illegal defeat devices . In addition, on February 2, 2016, FCA announced that it would continue to improve the emissions behavior of its vehicles as part of a voluntary measure. FCA vehicles meet the now applicable Euronorm 6. The latest and recently implemented calibration, which improves and stabilizes the emission behavior, is available in all FCA models that are currently for sale and can also be installed in vehicles that have already been sold free of charge at the customer's request implemented. ”

In our slide show we show you the measurement results of the 53 tested models.


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