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Elektro-Smart: Two thirds of buyers are private customers

Reinhard Schmid
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While other, mostly more expensive electric cars are mainly companies and fleet operators, private buyers at Smart account for two thirds of the E-Smart Customers, said Smart boss Annette Winkler a uto motor und sport . Smart has sold 4,000 e-Smarts so far. In 2013 Winkler plans to sell around 6,000 E-Smarts

E-Smart customers live in the city

Nach According to the Smart boss, most E-Smart customers live in large cities and are therefore satisfied with the limited range. For 44%, the E-Smart is not a second car, but the only car.

In the current year, Smart wants to repeat the previous year's sales, although the current Smart is in its last model year and the successor is coming in 2014. In 2012, sales were 104,000 new cars. 'We're working hard to get back to 100,000,' said Winkler. 'Maybe there will be a little less, but there is no real lifecycle problem.'


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