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Elektro City-Transporter: Electric small transporter from Bochum

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M honorable industrial partners from the Bochum-Bergisches Land region take part in the development of the operational e-mobile, which is to serve as a delivery vehicle for companies. Initially, a small series of 50 to 100 vehicles is planned, which should be realized by 2012.

Electric transporter with a range of 150 kilometers and Opel technology

Also on board are the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, where the Institute for Electromobility is dealing with the project, the car manufacturer Opel , which provides the infrastructure and grants access to its standard component kit, as well as the Bochum initiative ruhrmobil-E. The Wuppertal-based company Delphi Germany is also involved here, contributing the on-board network and e-mobile components for the BOmobil. The electric motors are to be created with the know-how of Neuhäuser Windtec. Other partners are the Hoppecke Group (industrial battery manufacturer), scienlab electronic systems (electronics components) and Composite Impulse (lightweight construction specialist).

The project is funded by the Ministry of Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia with three million euros, and others The industrial partners involved are contributing two million.

The BOmobil can go up to 120 km /h and should offer space for two people, the maximum payload is 400 kilograms. The developers give the range at 150 kilometers. The first potential customers have already expressed their interest. Among other things, Stadtwerke Bochum want to use the BOmobil.


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