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Electronics trade fair CES: Audi presents & # 34; connected car & # 34; in front

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'The automobile of the future will be networked - with the environment, with the traffic infrastructure and with the world of the Internet,' said Rupert Stadler , CEO of Audi AG, in Las Vegas.

With digital innovations, new systems for 'infotainment' could be implemented in the car, but also new types of driver assistance systems to improve road safety and efficiency.

Freely programmable instrument clusters are possible

A 'networked car' of his company can do practically without local data backup in the vehicle, said the Audi boss. 'It collects all information about the third generation of UMTS mobile communications and soon also about the fourth generation LTE from servers on the Internet, from music to navigation. In this way, it becomes part of the data world of tomorrow.'

Bei The new concepts are not just about entertainment or driver assistance. 'The new infotainment solutions will be particularly interesting in conjunction with another future technology, electrified drives.' Audi is also working intensively on new, innovative concepts in this field of technology. Audi is showing its 'Hybrid Concept Car Audi e-tron Spyder' at the electronics fair CES in Las Vegas. The German automobile brand is present for the first time at the CES International, where manufacturers from the consumer electronics industry are traditionally represented.


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