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Electromobility: Daimler in the lead in 2021, Tesla behind

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Future of electromobility
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S Instead, the German automakers are clearly catching up. Tesla will lead the ranking in 2019. The Californians achieve an 82 ranking out of 100, which PA Consulting calls 'Future mobility score'. Behind them will be Renault /Nissan /Mitsubishi with a 79 score and BMW with 78 points. Two years later, Tesla hardly plays a role anymore and even has to accept a drop in the ranking to 81 points. The electric car manufacturer from founder Elon Musk is now only in 7th place.

Daimler is catching up, VW in fourth place

In 2021, Daimler, the received a Future mobility score of 88 in the PA Consultion study. Behind them are BMW (87 points) and Renault /Nissan /Mitsubishi (85 points). Volkswagen, still in 7th place with 69 points in 2019, is fourth two years later with a big jump to 84 points. What is striking in this study is that, despite an improvement from 72 to 79 points, Hyundai /Kia should lose four places by 2021 (8th place).

For the study, PA-Consulting examined six key areas and included different weighting included. 30 percent of the model portfolio and the technological roadmap are included in the overall scoring. The battery technology with costs and technology maturity were rated with 20 percent, the incentive system with 10 percent and the supplier network with 15 percent. Partners and ecosystem (fee technology and third-party services) have a share of 15 percent and financial strength (EBIT) was taken into account with 10 percent.

Tesla with problems, Germans with flood of innovations

At BMW, the big e-car offensive in 2020 will also start with a compact SUV, the BMW iX3. This will be joined by an electric mini from 2019 and from 2021 the BMW i5 as the third i-model after the i3 and i8. The Bavarians have also had the entire series nomenclature from i1 to i9 and iX1 to iX9 protected.

At VW, too, the electric car is on the horizon: the Wolfsburg-based company will come with the VW ID in 2019 and the ID Crozz on the market. The I.D. bus version follows. Buzz (2011), I.D. Aero (2023) and I.D. Lounge (2024). A VW I.D. Beetle should exist.


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