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Electric toy car McLaren 720 S Ride On EV (2019)

McLaren 720 S Ride On EV (2019)
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M cLaren introduces a new basic model. With performance data and driving values ​​that are apparently so small that the manufacturer doesn't even communicate them. The fact is: The new release has a mid-engine and the driver sits in the middle of the airstream, because the plastic body is open at the top. Anyone who takes a seat in the McLaren 720 S Ride On EV and expose themselves to the elements has to be capable of suffering and want to do it exactly that way.

There is a choice of seven paint finishes

Most of the representatives of the target group “Children 3 to 6 years” are sure to scream “Here!” With great enthusiasm when asked whether they want to take a ride in the new McLaren. The 720 S Ride On EV is the brand's second children's car after the P1 Ride On from 2016. It looks relatively similar to its predecessor and, like this one, also offers two scissor doors - but also various advantages. For example the enormous color palette: With Papaya Spark, Belize Blue, Lantana Purple, Onyx Black, Mauvine Blue, Silica White or Saros Gray, there is a choice of seven original McLaren paint finishes. The former, a heritage color, is completely new to the sports car manufacturer's range and will not be introduced for the “real” cars until later this year.

The electric motor is started by turning the key and prompted to accelerate via the pedal , but can also be controlled remotely - a feature that parents should appreciate. If the vehicle is decelerated, a brake light actually comes on. A central display bundles driving information and infotainment functions. The connectivity meets the most modern requirements: There are connections for USB and SD, with which the music or films from the children's room can also be received in the car. McLaren has also preinstalled a selection of music for six-year-olds in the 720 S Ride On EV. And the motor, although electrically powered, also makes a few noises.

766 toy cars for a real 720 S Spider

The sports car for the Petrolhead offspring is now available in selected ones Toy stores available and costs 356 euros. This makes it a little more expensive than its predecessor, the P1 Ride On Car. But it's still cheap enough to buy 766 toy cars for the price of a real McLaren 720 S Spider. However, it offers 37 color variants as standard.


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