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Electric range record with the Zero DSR 14.4

Electric range record with the Zero
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The record drive on a current Zero DSR 14.4 is intended to refute the prejudice that electric motorcycles have too little range. To do this, Berlin's Remo Klawitter commuted 24 hours between Oranienburg and the state center for renewable energies in Neustrelitz on the B 96 on March 10th. Net travel time: 14.5 hours.

For the remaining 9.5 hours he charged the Zero nine times at a type 2 charging station. The e-motorcycle was standard, but equipped with a charge tank and four additional chargers, which Zero offers as extras. Total consumption over 1,113.4 km: 95 kWh, price: just under 30 euros. Average speed: 76.8 km /h.


Zero established in the future for longer distances

in keeping with the Remo Klawitter record Zero recently presented a new model that should be particularly suitable for longer tours. The Zero DSR Black Forest is based on DSR 14.4 and comes with a few extras that could be useful on longer journeys.

Just recently a new model, the Zero Black Forest, was presented, which should be especially suitable for touring riders.

In general, many other manufacturers are currently working intensively on increasing the range of electric motorcycles. In addition, a large number of new manufacturers are gradually jumping on the electric bandwagon. For example, Royal Enfield is working intensively on a new project that deals with the development of an electric motorcycle.


Cagiva wants also a further manufacturer a foothold in the electric motorcycles build. So when it comes to electromobility, it remains exciting. It will be interesting to see which manufacturer can take the next big step in terms of range increase.

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