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Electric drive, ethanol, hybrid the hottest eco-athletes

Electric drive, ethanol and Co.
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S vans are fast, deep, wide and loud . Really? Or will the crème de la crème of automotive engineering in the future be more characterized by the soft hum of an electric motor?

Porsche 918 Hybrid, Audi e-tron and Co .: The future belongs to these racers

Because the topic of electromobility does not leave the automotive premier class unaffected. In the near future, electric motors will not only be used more and more in small and compact vehicles instead of diesel and gasoline engines, but also in the super sports cars from Audi, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari and Co .. There is already no shortage of sports car Alternative drive studies.

At the Gener Autosalon 2010, Porsche presented the Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid, a potential successor to the legendary Porsche Carrera GT, while Ferrari showed the Ferrari HY-KERS, which uses the KERS system from Formula 1 macht and Audi has already presented two versions of an R8-based electric sports car.

These sports cars are already on the move today in an environmentally friendly way

As far as the future is concerned. But even in the here and now it is possible to explore the limits of driving dynamics purely electrically. The best example is the Tesla Roadster, which is featured in Test von auto motor und sport knew how to convince with lateral dynamic abilities at a surprisingly high level. Or the eWolf E1, which was able to prove its capabilities at the Lausitzring.

We show all current and future super sports cars that rely on alternative drive concepts. And at this point, all friends of the well-kept combustion noise should be reassured: Numerous manufacturers are already working intensively on sound modules so that future sports cars will continue to sound like sports cars despite the electric drive.


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