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Electric cars - discussion about buying aid: Ramsauer against buying aid for e-cars

Electric cars - Discussion about buying aids
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' It is not even clear which technology will prevail and how high the price will be, 'said Ramsauer.

First, further testing must be carried out. 'We have now approved around 150 individual projects in eight model regions.' The aim is to test the requirements for an electric car and to find the best and most efficient technology. 'In this phase I do not want to waste any chances with regulations or premature state determinations.'

The topic of electromobility will also play a role at the transport ministers' conference of the federal states this Wednesday in Bremen, to which Ramsauer is invited.

Greens call for funding

The Greens have called on the German government to accelerate the switch to electric cars. 'We propose a ten-year program through which the electrotechnology of hybrid and electric vehicles is massively promoted', said the chairman of the transport committee in the Bundestag, Winfried Hermann, of the 'Berliner Zeitung'. Around five billion euros should be invested for this. There should be financial incentives for buying climate-friendly vehicles. Anyone who buys a particularly environmentally friendly car should 'initially be able to count on a subsidy of up to 5,000 euros,' said Hermann dem Blatt. In this way, the Greens wanted to achieve that by 2020 at least two million electrical and electronic vehicles Hybrid vehicles are on German roads - double what the then red-green federal government had set as its goal in 2009. In at least 100 cities, local public transport should be completely converted to renewable energies, according to the Greens. Deutsche Bahn should only run on green electricity by 2030 at the latest.


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