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Electric Cars at Detroit Motor Show 2010: CT&T Launches Global Electric Assault

Electric cars at the Detroit Motor Show 2010
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D as Seoul-based company was formerly Hyundai - and Kia employees and describes itself as the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. It currently has manufacturing facilities in Korea as well as China, where both batteries and complete vehicles are manufactured. In addition, CT&T already has several locations in the USA, including Long Beach and Atlanta. When it comes to battery technology, the Koreans work together with LG Chemical and SK Energy.

Every year, a total of 60,000 vehicles leave the factory in Dang Jin, Korea, and Wendeng, China. Another production site in Jin-zhou, China, is being planned. 50,000 cars are expected to roll off the assembly line here every year. Production sites are also to be set up in Hawaii and the Fiji Islands shortly.

The CT&T portfolio currently includes both so-called 'low speed vehicles' - such as electrically powered golf cars and recreational vehicles -, c- Zone vehicles (vehicles without doors for commercial use, for example in amusement parks or on company premises) and e-Zone vehicles (vehicles with doors that are used in both private and commercial areas). The latter are designed to offer the comfort and safety of a gasoline-powered car.

Sporty two-seater with electric drive at the Detroit Motor Show

On the Detroit Motor Show 2010 CT&T is exhibiting a total of 24 models, including three new concept vehicles. With the C2, the Koreans present a sporty two-seater that is said to be capable of speeds of up to 150 km /h. In addition, CT&T is showing an electric amphibious vehicle and a small car with a battery drive. The City EV should reach speeds of up to 105 km /h and travel a maximum of 113 kilometers on one battery charge. International crash tests should not be a problem for the small car. According to the Koreans, the City EV should meet international requirements in both frontal and side crashes at 50 km /h. All vehicles are built on an aluminum frame.

The electric cars should also come to Europe

30,000 are expected this year Units of the new City EV are being sold. The ambitious target of 300,000 electric vehicles worldwide by 2013CT&T wants to realize through an unusual sales strategy. Instead of dealers, the Koreans rely on so-called R.A.S.-Centers (Regional Assembly and Sales). These produce the vehicles and also act as dealers. The first of these centers in North America has already been completed.

Customers should also benefit from the elimination of middlemen in the form of particularly low prices. A total of 30 such R.A.S. centers are to be built in Europe. In addition, the company plans to conquer the US market. Ten more centers are to be built in Asia. In addition to the City EV designed for city traffic, CT&T is already planning a purely electrically powered bus and taxis with electric drives.


Gary L First

2022-04-02 22:51:00

I am looking for help on my 2012 ct & t EV. I need a wiring diagram and parts, like a wiper motor.

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