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Electric car Rinspeed UC at the Geneva Motor Show

Sebastian Viehmann
Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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All about the electric mini UC (stands for Urban Commuter and thus commuter vehicle), which is based on the G enfer Autosalon his Rinspeed has also come up with a complete mobility system. The car dwarf is supposed to cover long distances in a special wagon on the train in order to be able to serve as a city mobile again in the suburbs. The train journey is booked directly online from the car. Charging stations on the train fill the UC's batteries during the transfer.

Series production of the Rinspeed UC possible

Over a length of 2, 59 meters, a width of 1.63 meters and a height of 1.49 meters, the Rinspeed UC should offer space for two passengers with a wheelbase of 1.80 meters. Larger luggage can be stored in a tailor-made roof box. In terms of design, the 980 kilogram electric hummingbird borrows from the Fiat 500. A 130 Nm and 30 kW electric motor provides propulsion, making the Rinspeed UC up to 120 km /h and, if necessary, from Zero accelerated to 50 km /h. Rinspeed gives the range of the front-wheel drive commuter car at 105 kilometers. The 12 kWh lithium-ion battery from Li-Tec is refueled at corresponding charging stations, which can be found over the Internet according to the Rinspeed vision.

It is controlled by a joystick

The Rinspeed UC is controlled exclusively by joystick and by-wire technology. The classic steering wheel has had its day. In the absence of a combustion engine, there is also no waste heat that could be used for heating. Here the UC relies on an electric heating system from Eberspächer. Under the plastic body, which is mounted on a steel composite frame, ultra-light 7x17 inch aluminum wheels with 195/45 tires keep the road contact. A special paint with appropriate adhesive repair tape should compensate for slight contact with the enemy. The central instrument in the cockpit brings together all the operating and control elements - including a mechanical watch from a premium manufacturer. The tank cap in Swarovski look with lasered incandescent filament is also elegant. If it lights up red, the battery is empty, orange means half full and only green indicates full charge.

But the UC is not intended to remain a study. The concept is designed to make it easy for large-scale manufacturersadapt and produce. Discussions are already being held with well-known interested parties.


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