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Economical drive in the Nissan Murano: New diesel for the large Nissan SUV

Economical drive in the Nissan Murano
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Seven years after the market launch of the Nissan Murano and two years after the presentation of the extensive facelift, now comes the diesel. So far, the unconventional crossover has been more of a niche existence in Germany. The only drive so far: a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine, which is coupled with a continuously variable CVT automatic. This very special package will be complemented by Nissan from September with a version tailored more for European taste buds.

Diesel from the Pathfinder for the Nissan Murano

The four-cylinder diesel with 2.5, already known from the Navara and the Pathfinder, is used Liter displacement. In the Murano it is specified with an output of 190 hp and 450 Newton meters of torque. Compared to the Pathfinder engine, which is around 20 hp and 50 Nm weaker, the diesel has been revised for use in the Murano. Increased injection pressure, a new cylinder head and a hydraulically controlled turbocharger ensure the increased output. In the Murano, which weighs around two tons, the drive should be good for 190 km /h and a time of around ten seconds for the sprint to 100 km /h - Nissan has not yet announced the exact data.

Six-speed automatic in the Nissan Murano Diesel

I n contrast to the petrol Murano, the diesel version is coupled with a conventional automatic transmission that works with six stages. The all-mode all-wheel drive controls the rear axle as required with an automatically engaged multi-plate clutch. Nissan has not yet given any information about the price of the diesel model, but it should not differ significantly from the gasoline engine. It is currently available from 46,740 euros.


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