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Early environmental bonus: Renault electric cars cheaper by 2,000 euros

Early environmental bonus
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The hanging game for the environmental bonus of up to 6,000 euros decided in November 2019 continues. So far is not in sight, w when the EUR 2,000 increase in support for electric cars comes into force. This delay on the part of the federal government does not make the sale of electric cars easier because many potential customers understandably wait for the higher premium.

Renault Germany is now drawing the conclusions from the difficult to understand delay and now reduces the prices for all electric cars by 2,000 Euro. This means that customers should already receive the price advantage that would only be possible in the future when the increased environmental bonus comes into effect. Because the previous environmental bonus of 4,000 euros for purely electrically powered cars, shared between the manufacturer and the state, is still valid.

Renault is increasing its own contribution

Specifically, this means: Renault is increasing its share of the environmental bonus from before 2,000 to 4,000 euros. However, a bit of arithmetic is necessary: ​​Because sales tax is added to the manufacturer's share of the subsidy, Renault is increasing the official contribution to 3,000 euros, which means a discount of 3,570 euros for private customers (3,000 euros plus VAT). If the current state environmental bonus is confirmed by BAFA (Federal Office for Economics and Export Control) in the amount of 2,000 euros, Renault customers will receive another credit of 1,000 euros from Renault Germany.

This is how Renault apparently also wants to ensure that customers receive a higher state share plus the Renault premium at a later point in time, when the increased subsidy actually applies. Because the offer from Renault is only valid as long as the new subsidy is not in force.

Twizy remains outside

This manufacturer-side discount applies at Renault to the models Zoe, Kangoo Z.E. and the Transporter Master Z.E., the Renault Twizy is from registrationEstablishment has always not been eligible for the environmental bonus. If you choose one of the three models, you can deduct 6,570 euros from the official price list, corporate customers who are subject to VAT can expect a discount of 6,000 euros. in the latter case, monthly rental prices for the drive battery are added. For the Zoe , the entry price for the version with a rental battery (from € 75 per month) to € 15,330 for the basic version. The Kangoo Z.E. will be available from 17,635.80 (including VAT) in future, the electric transporter Master Z.E. from 64,141 euros (incl. VAT)

Renault only completely renewed the Zoe last autumn and more power and greater range than realized with the previous model. In 2019 the Renault Zoe in Germany the best-selling electric car and had 9,431 new registrations.


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