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e-Wolf Alpha-2: Extreme sports car with electric drive

e-Wolf Alpha-2
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N after the company from Neuenrade with the e -Wolf e-1 has already put a ready-to-drive racing car with road approval on its wheels, the next project is about to go into series production: the e-Wolf Alpha-2, an extreme sports car with an electric drive -Wolf Alpha-2: Participation in 24-hour races in the sights

The e-Wolf Alpha-2 should come onto the market in 2011 and weigh less than 900 kilograms. The drive is taken over by two electric motors with a peak output of 280 kW for up to 30 seconds. The continuous output is 140 kW, the maximum torque should be 1,000 Nm. It should go to 100 km /h in 3.9 seconds, and e-Wolf puts the top speed at 230 km /h. Starting in October 2011, the Neuenrade-based company plans to offer the Alpha-2 at prices from 291,550 euros.

The goal proclaimed by e-Wolf: a sports car with acceleration on the level of a real super sports car. The driving dynamics of the two-seater should not only impress car fans, the electric motors are directly linked to one another. And: The 'wolves' do not rule out racing in a 24-hour race.

A range of up to 300 kilometers

The battery capacity of the lithium ceramic batteries in the e-Wolf Alpha-2 should already be 80 percent after a 30-minute charging time, and e-Wolf puts the range at 300 kilometers. E-Wolf offers a warranty of three years or 150,000 kilometers on the batteries and the electric motor. The warranty period for the mechanical components is 24 months.

A special sound module is responsible for the necessary sports car sound, which is supposed to complement the purely physical driving experience with the acoustic one. The customers for the e-Wolf Alpha-2 seem to be mainly in the Middle East and Japan, because the company's marketing activities will initially focus on these areas.

e-Wolf e-1 to 100 km /h in less than five seconds

The 'little brother' of the e-Wolf Alpha-2 is called e-1 and is also used by driven by an electric motor that brings it to 110 kW (click here for the driving report of the e-Wolf e-1). It draws its energy from a Li-Tec battery, whose Cerio flat cells are said to be particularly powerful. The battery is also characterized by its small volume and low weight. A cell should weigh just one kilogram,a total of 84 flat cells are installed. Other pluses are said to be the long service life of ten years and the range of over 300 kilometers. The monoposto racer, whose chassis is made of carbon and aluminum, should sprint to 100 km /h in under five seconds. The top speed is limited to 250 km /h.


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