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E. On Drive Ready - solar power for the electric car

E. On Drive Ready
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E There are people who consider electric cars to be generally emission-free consider. The savvy reader will of course know that this is not entirely true. Depending on how the electricity stored in the car battery is produced, this form of energy production also produces exhaust gases, for example in coal-fired power plants.

The maximum environmental benefit of an electrically powered car arises when the electricity for it is obtained from renewable sources. E-car owners with their own solar system on the roof of their house or garage can be absolutely sure that they are getting around in an environmentally friendly way.

That can be achieved with a new product from the energy company E.On. Under the name Drive Ready, the company offers a new solution for installing solar systems in private households. When configuring the systems, in addition to the household's energy requirements, the power consumption of an electric car can also be taken into account. During the installation, the appropriate cables are then laid from the roof into the garage, and a charging connection is also installed.

Solar system with storage battery

'Our customers want to ensure, right from the planning stage of the solar system, that later there will be enough electricity to charge an electric car. With Drive Ready we are fulfilling this wish and at the same time ensuring that a charging solution can be attached to the already installed charging connection at any time and without much effort, ”explains Sebastian Eisenberg, who is responsible for the solar energy business at E.On.

E.On also offers a storage battery for the house, so that solar power is available even when the sun is not shining. A customer who supplies himself with solar power and supplies the electric car with the energy of the sun in addition to the electricity for the television, refrigerator etc., is of course a problem for an energy supplier like E.On at first glance, because a contract with monthly installments are no longer completed. This is exactly where the new business model comes in. E.On earns money from the sale and installation of the solar system, and Drive Ready customers can in future also be offered a special traction current offer, for example in the form of a prepaid card for charging stations.


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