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E-mobile with the mobile phone: smartphone apps for e- and hybrid cars

Hans-Dieter Seufert
E-mobile with the cell phone
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L iebling, the car is already charged ? 'A look at the cell phone.' Yes. Honey. '' And nice and warm too? '' Oh, I forgot. 'One keystroke.' So - now. In five minutes it will be 22 degrees inside. 'This or something similar could be the morning breakfast communication of an e-car family.

Manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes, Nissan and Renault have long had the appropriate apps for theirs Vehicles are developed and offered free of charge on various servers for iPhone or Android devices. Networked via secure servers, the owner always has access to the most important data of his electric vehicle via cellular network, such as the charge status, remaining charging time or the current possible range.

In addition, heating or air conditioning can usually be activated in advance. The advantage here: the car draws the energy it needs from the domestic power grid and not from the battery. It is also possible to define the charging time. If electricity is cheaper at night, then it is worthwhile to set up your app accordingly.

Nissan Leaf app shows next charging station

Once the children have been taken to school, all the shopping done and only the (presumably longer) visit to the mother-in-law still to be completed, an app programmed for the Nissan Leaf, for example, shows the next charging station at the destination.

Manufacturers like Audi even go a step further and optimize the planned navigation route, depending on the altitude and driver profile as well as the calculated energy consumption, and lead to the charging point in good time before the standstill.

Even electricity providers are already active in the app Happening. For example, under the label 'e-kWh', RWE has developed a program that not only navigates to the next charging station, but also - after registration - activates a station, creates various tariff options and finally calculates the costs incurred. The bill comes in the old-fashioned way by post.

However, app users should have one thing in mind: the charge level of their own mobile phone. Because when the battery runs out, you lose contact with the car


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