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E-Auto - Greens are calling for buying incentives

E-Car - Greens call for purchase incentives
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In the billion dollar program' With green electromobility into the post-fossil age ', the federal government is asked to set the target set by 2020, a Million E cars on the road, to double to two million.

Reduce purchase aid in stages

In order to bring such vehicles onto the market as soon as possible, so ll decrease the purchase aid in stages by 2019. The market launch with other services in the amount of 500 million euros is to be advanced. After all, from January 2015 onwards, new scooters should only be permitted without internal combustion engines. According to the Green Paper, traction current is to be gradually converted to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.

'Electric mobility with green electricity is the future,' said the Chairman of the Transport Committee, Winfried Hermann (Greens). 'But Germany is lagging behind the USA, China and most of the EU countries when it comes to market introduction. Our application is about climate protection and secure jobs in the German auto industry.' In the growth markets, modernization is taking place quickly, according to the Green Paper. In the crisis year 2009, almost 14 million vehicles were sold in China alone - 46 percent more than in 2008. By 2030, the global number of vehicles is forecast to double. The increasing dependency on oil can only be ended by alternative energy sources.


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