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DUH tests Renault Espace Diesel: up to 25 times higher nitrogen oxide values

DUH tests Renault Espace Diesel
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I The exhaust gas measurements were commissioned by the exhaust gas testing center of the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. The institute examined the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of a Renault Espace 1.6 dCi (front-wheel drive, mileage 12,300 km, Euro 6b). In particular, the tests carried out in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) with a warm engine showed very high NOx emissions. The values ​​exceed the applicable limit value for Euro 6 vehicles by 13 to 25 times.

The limit values ​​are only met in two tests complied with

A total of nine individual measurements were carried out, eight in the official NEDC test cycle, and another in a cycle developed by the DUH. Before each of the NEDC runs, either an entire NEDC was driven or three repetitions of the suburban part of the NEDC (EUDC) to precondition the test vehicle. The preconditioning is prescribed in the test procedure in order to ensure the comparability and reproducibility of the results.

The measurement results in the NEDC with a warm engine showed extremely high NOx emissions with values ​​of up to 2,061 mg /km. 80 mg /km are allowed. Compliance with or falling below the limit value was achieved in two cycles with a cold engine and preconditioning with an outer city cycle. A measurement with a cold engine and preconditioning with an NEDC cycle also resulted in an excess of 235 mg NOx /km.

Renault contradicts DUH

When confronted with the DUH results, Renault emphasizes in a statement that everyone is on sale available models correspond to the prescribed values. In August, the ADAC also tested the same Espace model and found that the standard values ​​were met. The test procedures at the University of Bern are not consistently compliant with the standard measurement procedures. As noted in the university's report, the tests yielded broadly varied results and require “further measurements”. Renault will take all necessary measures as soon as possible to analyze and clarify the test results.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH ) already had an Opel Zafira put on the exhaust test bench and determined up to 17 times higher nitrogen oxide emissions in certain driving situationsat the time reacted to the exhaust gas measurement of the DUH and had the results measured by TÜV Hessen. This had confirmed the legally compliant emissions values ​​of the model.

The DUH has announced that it will test further vehicles for their emission behavior.


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