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Dubuc Motor Tomahawk: Electric athlete from California

Dubuc Motors
Dubuc Motors Tomahawk
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D he Tomahawk from Dubuc Motors is said to be one of the fastest-sprinting sports cars in the world counting. 3.0 seconds are specified for the sprint from zero to 60 miles (96 km /h). The maximum speed should be 260 km /h. Two electric motors on each of the axles should provide all-wheel drive. The range on one battery charge should be up to 480 km.

Dubuc Motors Tomahawk should compete in 2017

In terms of design, Dubuc Motors relies on lush shapes, a panoramic roof and upward-opening ones Lamborghini-style doors. The operating concept naturally consists of touchscreens and voice control. The Tomahawk can also network itself extensively, update it online and improve occupant protection with various systems.

The chassis of the Tomahawk consists of an aluminum monocoque, the aluminum body is glued. Dubuc Motors uses adjustable air suspension for the chassis. Designed as a 2 + 2-seater, the Tomahawk should also offer enough space for the luggage of the passengers.

If the planning of the Dubuc Motors makers, the first Tomahawk should be on the streets as early as 2017. However, the company is currently still collecting start-up capital of 25 million dollars via crowdfunding.


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