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DS E-Tense: electric vision with over 400 hp

Geneva Motor Show 2020
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D the Grand Tourisme Coupé DS E-Tense stretches out on a Length of 4.72 meters, is 2.08 meters wide, but only 1.29 meters high. That creates sporty proportions. The chrome-plated rear spoiler and the ametrine green metallic paintwork offer additional charms. Also not to be despised are the 20-inch rims, which are covered with 245/35 tires at the front and with 305/30 rollers at the rear. You look in vain for a rear window and exterior mirrors. Here DS relies entirely on camera technology and digital images for a view to the rear. The French design the light signature on the front and rear with LED lights.

DS E-Tense should create 360 ​​km emission-free

The data characterizes the purely electric drive of the DS E-Tense: Two electric motors, 516 Nm and 402 hp. The 53 kWh lithium-ion battery sits on the underbody of the carbon monocoque and should enable a range of 310 to 360 km. The sprint time of the 1.8-tonner is given as 4.5 seconds. A maximum of 250 km /h should be possible.

The interior is made up of a dashboard made of steel, a center console made of brushed aluminum, a steering wheel that is flattened at the top and bottom, and two elegant leather armchairs. A noble case made of goatskin was attached to this, which holds headphones for the on-board Focal sound system. Alternatively, the case can also be removed and used as a bag for on the go. A noble chronograph sits on the center console, which can also be removed and worn on the wrist. A 12-inch display serves as the information center for the DS pilot, numerous operating functions are combined in a 10-inch touchscreen.


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